Learn the ABCs of High Fashion

“D” is for Dior, not for dog. And “G”? That’s Gucci, not giraffe.

Essential reading for the little fashionista in your life.

AMMI redefines parenting, where luxury intertwines seamlessly with the joy of raising children.

  • The Vision

    Inspired by the world's most luxurious high fashion brands, Learn the ABCs of High Fashion defines a new category by seamlessly blending the realms of fashion and parenting. This exquisite book, featuring hand-drawn original illustrations, not only serves as an introduction to fashion for your little ones but also as a statement piece of art to be displayed and cherished.

  • The Illustrations

    The illustrations creatively combine iconic fashion pieces with parenting themes, capturing the elegance and quality synonymous with the featured brands. Designed for families who, much like the brands themselves, refuse to compromise on quality, this book aims to instill in children an appreciation for the finer things in life.

The Standard of Excellence

Learn the ABCs of High Fashion is a cherished work of art that parents and children can share, passing down a standard of excellence and a passion for fashion.

"Elegant, creative, and unapologetically disruptive"

Quality and Craftsmanship

AMMI takes pride in the meticulous craftsmanship and unparalleled quality of our books. Each book is created with the same attention to detail found in the world's finest couture.

Crafted from premium materials, they feature gloss interior pages adorned with vibrant designs, sure to captivate both you and your little one. The textured cover, decorated with exquisite gold debossing, transforms each book into a cherished keepsake, demanding to be displayed.

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